From our kitchen to yours. Let us deliver fresh, gourmet cuisine to your home of office for any occasion. We are happy to work with you to create a customized menu to fit your preferences.


(minimum order, serves 6)

Latin Black Beans “Caldo de Feijão” = $40.00

(Black beans soup with green onion on top and with option crushed turkey bacon)

Gazpacho = $40.00

(Traditional Spanish summer tomato soup) 

“Caldo verde” Traditional Portuguese Soup = $40.00

(Potato soup with Portuguese sausage and kale) 


(minimum order, serves 6)

Chicken Salad “Salpicão de frango” = $75.00

(Chicken slices with vegetables, olives, mayo and French potatoes sticks) 

Smoked Turkey Salad = $90.00

(Smoked Turkey slices with celery, grapes, yogurt dressing and cashew nuts)

Quínoa Salad = $70.00

(Quínoa, zucchini, vegetables and Fresh Salsa)

Lentil Salad = $70.00 

(Lentil, tomatoes, cilantro and herbs)

Sea Food Couscous =$120.00

(Special Middle East Salad with octopus, squid, shrimp, olives, capers, peppers and herbs)


(minimum order, serves 6)​

Vegan Surprise = $80.00

(Squash Kibbeb stuffed with Feta cheese and raisins, with lentil rice and dried onions)

Eggplant and mozzarella cheese lasagna = $80.00

Wild rice with mushrooms sauce, pinholes and herbs = $90.00

 “Tart aux Legume” = $45.00

(Tomatoes and zucchini on top of onions, peppers sautéd with Provence herbs and parmesan cheese gratin)


(minimum order, serves 6)​

Home Made Lasagna = $80.00

(Traditional Italian Lasagna – with Ground Beef Or Ground Turkey)

Green Capeletti Stuffed with Ricotta and Asparagus Sauce = $80.00

Green Gnocchi with Blue Cheese and Walnut Sauce = $80.00

Pasta Shells Stuffed with Ricotta and Sun Dried Tomatoes with Alfredo Sauce = $80.00


(minimum order, serves 6)​

Chicken and vegetables Casserole with potatoes gratin = $70.00

(Chicken cubs with vegetables and tomato and herbs sauce)

Chicken Curry with white rice and raisins = $80.00 

(Traditional Indian Chicken Casserole with curry and apple noisettes)

"Aji de Galina" = $90.00

(Special Peruvian Chicken dish with yellow potato and white rice)

Chicken with asparagus and Béchamel sauce with white rice = $90.00

(Chicken slices grilled in herbs with asparagus and béchamel sauce)


(minimum order, serves 6)​

Traditional “Carne Assada” with “Farofa Mineira” = $100.00

(Traditional “Carne Assada” stuffed with carrots and red wine & onions with farofa –Turkey or pork bacon)

Hungarian Stroganoff with paprika and vegetables sautéed = $100.00

(Veal Cubs stroganoff with paprika and Paris mushrooms and whipping cream)

Latin Secret “Escondidinho” = $100.00

 (Yucca puree, Dried Beef sautéed with cream cheese sauce gratin)

 “Picadinho Carioca”  = $100.00 

(Meat Cubs casserole with corn red wine sauce – Special eggs farofa)

Lamb ribs Antep style = $140.00

(Lamb ribs grilled with eggplants and zucchini pure and saffron and clarified butter sauce)


(minimum order, serves 6)​

Cod Fish Soufflé with wild and white rice = $120.00

(Dried Cod Fish soufflé with tomatoes and herbs sauce)

Special Salmon = $100.00

(Salmon with white wine, onions, nut-meg, leeks, whipping cream sauce with wild rice)

Special “Del Mar” = $120.00

(Shrimp, squid rings, tomatoes, herbs, and saffron rice)


(minimum order, serves 12)​


(Chicken casserole with white beans, carrots, Portuguese sausage and herbs wit potato gratin)

Traditional “BOBO DE CAMARÃO = $220.00

(Shrimp casserole with yucca cream, dende oil, coconut milk and herbs)

Traditional “FEIJOADA CARIOCA” with manioc flour = $270.00

(Traditional Brazilian Black beans with special sausages, dried beef, bacon, ribs, and spice vinaigrette dressing)

Traditional BOEUF BOURGUIGNONNE = $200.00

(Traditional Beef casserole with red wine, carrots, onions and mushrooms with potato gratin)

Imperial Roast Beef = $220.00

(Beef tenderloin slices with Madeira sauce – pineapples and tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and herbs)

Special Duck Rice = $200.00

(Duck slices sauté with mushrooms, onions, herbs, and red wine sauce, wild rice)

Special Halibut = $280.00

(Ratatouille under Halibut file with basil and heavy whipping cream sauce)

Special Tender = $180.00

(Caramelized Ham decorated with green salad, pineapple and cherries)


(12 slices/each – minimum 2 quiches)

Spinach, leeks and Feta cheese = $30.00

Chicken curry = $30.00

Traditional Lorraine (turkey or pork bacon) = $27.00

Dried Cod Fish = $35.00


Special "Pave Ferrero Roche" (12 portions) = $60.00

Special Flan with Plums and Wine Port (12 portions) = $40.00

Walnut cake ( 12/15 portions) = $35.00

"Romeo and Juliet" Cheese cake with guava sauce (12/15 portions) = $30.00

"Tres leches" (20/25 portions) = $45.00

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You are an excellent Chef! The food presentation is superb. I was very impressed with the table arrangements for my birthday party. I would recommend your services to anyone who would like to try delicious dishes from a culinary artist.